Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Joy of Randomness begins...

I already have a blog elsewhere full of meaningful and serious tales of mental health issues, trying to beat depression and my attempts to start my own business.

But sometimes I get tired of seriousness and would rather celebrate the joy in life. So this is my "fun" blog where dear reader I will subject you to random musings, book & film reviews bad poetry, the odd short story, song lyrics to whatever tunes I am obsessing over on my ipod and seeing as I have a strange urge to draw when I haven't done that in 27 years (at school!) you may also may also be treated to some bad drawings too. 

Here's a review I did earlier of Les Mis:

Les Mis: A review
Lots of boys with curls oh my!
Hugh Jackmans neck oh my!!
Russell Crowe sadly does not have a voice for musical theatre
Anne Hathaway should never ever be allowed to over act & ruin songs in a movie ever again. Worst death scene since Anakin Skywalkers mum!

Final verdict....needs more Alfie Boe....

Hopefully you'll follow me in embracing the more fun side of life xxx